Monday, May 9, 2016

Book Release: Dark Railroad

Hello there.,204,203,200_.jpgI wanted to stop by and say hi, and to let you know that I have published a new collection of short stories titled Dark Railroad: and Other Tales. This collection was actually published several months ago, but I never got around to officially announcing it. Not surprisingly, I have had exactly zero (0) sales since then. Why I even published it at the time I did, when I had absolutely no time to really pay attention to it, confounds me. Probably because I was going to keep picking at the stories in it until I really mucked them all up.

Anyway, Dark Railroad is a collection of eight short stories, most of which may be familiar to some long time visitors, as almost all of them appeared in some form or another on this blog at one point. Most are fairly short, with a couple of longer tales mixed in. I made a stab at going a bit literary in one of them. I really enjoyed writing these stories, and figuring out where they went after the original flash of inspiration that spawned them. I hope that readers can find the same pleasure in reading them.

Dark Railroad: and Other Tales is available at Amazon for .99.  What else can you buy for .99? Maybe a small cup of coffee at the gas station? You know what's more satisfying than a small cup of burned gas station coffee? Reading some spooky and weird tales by your favorite writer, moi.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cephalopod Coffee House

It's another edition of the Cephalod Coffee House. The purpose of this meetup is to write about the best book you read in the past month. We meet the last Friday of the month and it's hosted by the Armchair Squid.
I've been MIA for several months now, due to school and life, but I have managed to read a few books in the last two months. I've returned to reading for fun as a stress reliever to a very stressful situation I've gotten myself into. Today, I'm going to tell you about the most recent one.

During one of the snowiest winters in recent memory, the men of Rocky Rhodes, Maine are disappearing. The only thing left of them are splashes of blood across the newly fallen snow. As the storm of the century bears down on the town the residents must work together to uncover the mystery of the woman in white.

The Woman In White is a horror story, but it's also a story about relationships: romantic relationships, friendships, families and the community as a whole. The horror of the titular being pushes the ugliness of some of those relationships to the surface, while also bringing hope to some who feel trapped by their relationships.

It's a quick story, more like a novella than a novel, but the author uses her words to full effect. You can feel the cold and smell the snow. You can see the dense forests of northern Maine and sense the desperation of the characters, and I personally was truly upset at the thought that some of them wouldn't make it out alive. That's who you know it's a good book.

You can find The Woman In White on Amazon.

I'm not the only one writing about my book of the month. You can visit the other people on the list below:


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Remember Me?

Hi there, all you human people, humaning it up out there. I've been missing for several months. Was I abducted by aliens? Did I fall into an alternate dimension? Was I on a secret spy mission? Was I dead?

Nope. Much more mundane and stressful than that. I have been in school full time and working full time for the past four months. I haven't even had time to think properly since September, and once October hit, I just gave up on anything but the basics of survival. What does that get me? Well, I did manage a 3.5 GPA for the semester, when I spent half the time terrified I was going to bomb the one class that doesn't rely on rote memorization. I've been on winter break for two weeks now, and I finally feel like I've caught up on sleep.

What doesn't that get me? Any writing done.

 At some point I hope I'll be able to get back in the groove, or somewhere in the vicinity of the groove. The idea of writing an hour a day just isn't going to happen for me. In addition to the school an work time, I hardly ever have any quiet time anymore. I have a hard time focusing on a task for any period of time due to exhaustion and stress, and everything I try to write falls dead on the page, no matter how alive it was in my head, which just discourages me even more.

So, as always, I'm making my goals a little smaller. Maybe 20 minutes a day will do me. Maybe don't put so much pressure on myself to mine gold, when everything I dig up is mud.

Obviously, I haven't been blogging much, mostly because I never fell like I have much of anything to blog about. Half my blog posts end up being me apologizing for not blogging more, or not writing more, or just whining about not doing much of either.  I guess all I can say about that is, I'll try(?) to do better, but I'm most likely lying about that.

So, that's where I've been, in case anyone cared, and where I am at this point. I have no clue where I'm going at this point, but I guess I'll find out. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Real quick IWSG post today. Seems like all my posts for the past few months have been "real quick". I really need to learn better time management.

Speaking of which, Time Management is the theme for this month. Here, lemme show you what my weekly schedule looks like:

See. I've actually scheduled in writing time. Four Whole Hours a week. Why yes, I did spend a stupid amount of time making this schedule up instead of doing anything productive.

Anyway, do any of you have problems with time management? How do you handle it?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Checking In: First Week of School Edition

I missed Monday's post. Again. Well, here I am, letting you know I'm still alive, if anyone cares.

I have gotten a little bit of writing done. Not much, but a bit of progress on a short story I've been kicking around for a little bit. In fact, when I'm done here, I'm going to put on my headphones and bang on it some more.

I started radiography school this week, and today I alternated between this:

And this:

Then, at about 1pm this afternoon:
(note: This was only the second day of classes)

But after some study time, I'm like:

So, yeah. I've got two years of this roller coaster of emotions so succinctly told in gif form. Time to go write now.