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I discovered this contest through James Anderson's blog.  Candilynn Fite is running it.  Hop on over to see the entries.  For this-the first ever Follow My Lead Contest-she did not set up a Linky list so all the entries are located in the comments of the post.  I rushed this one together in twenty minutes during lunch and then spent 45 minutes cutting it down to 300 words.

Anyway, quick list of the parameters: must be 300 words or less, must take a cue from the prompt image (below) and must be PG-13.  Here we go:

Sleep My Dear

The streets of this restless city never slept, and neither did I.

Neon light falls on the wet pavement, and music spills into the street. I move, exhausted, down the narrow sidewalk, side-stepping tourists who walk without paying attention. They are too busy gawking at the nightlife.

I used to enjoy the night life too, but I have grown tired of endless days and nights.

I catch my own reflection in a window. I am disheveled. My curly black hair is wild. My eyes are yellow and blood shot. I look like a crack fiend. I'm so tired.

I continue rambling down the street. There is a woman standing in a doorway, wearing a long skirt. Her eyes glint green in the harsh light. I realize that she notices me. No one ever notices me anymore. I wonder if she's real. It's so hard these days to tell what's real and what's not.

“Hello, My Dear.” She greets me with a sly smile on red lips.

My voice catches. It's been a long time since I've spoken to anyone. Finally, I manage. “Hello.”

The red smile grows larger, her teeth are over-large in her mouth. I stare at them in awe. They're so white, so pointy. I want to laugh. She can't possibly be real.

“You look exhausted, Dear. Would you like to rest?” I nod slowly. Hallucination or not, if she can let me sleep I would be forever grateful. “Come. I will let you rest. You can rest for as long as you want. Forever if it suits you.”

I'm drawn closer. Sleeping forever sounds wonderful.

She opens her arms and draws me in. It's cold in her embrace, and as her red lips press to my throat, she whispers, “Sleep, My Dear.”


  1. Ooh creepy! Great use of the prompt :)

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you always like my stories.

  3. Aloha Jennifer,

    Nice piece of flash fiction:)

    PS... thanks for the return follow :)

  4. Very entertaining flash piece for Candilynn's prompt. :)


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