This is my first time with the Insecure Writer's Support Group, so let me begin with telling you all a secret.  Can you keep a secret, Internet?

I have begun work on my first stab at a novel.  First serious stab, with a plot and everything, and I find that I suck at plot.  I have an idea of the beginning, the middle and the end, but I'm having difficulty getting from one point to the other.  Right now what I'm doing is just writing disjointed scenes and I figure I'll put it together and fill in the holes later.  At least the characters are behaving.  I have a problem even in the shortest of stories with my characters wansdering off and doing things I don't want them to do. 

I started out with a pretty ambitious timeline: first draft of 70,000 words by July 31st-I started in the first week of May.  I am about 20,000 words in.  During the first 2 weeks I wrote 1200 words a day, but things have slowed down as I start moving past the original idea and have to fill in the blanks.  I have a notebook that I take to work and I try to put something down during lunch, and then try to do some at night.  I try to write at least a few paragraphs everyday, but I'm not sure I'll meet the deadline.  However, I need a deadline otherwise I wouldn't do it at all.

So here's luck to me.  I'll try to keep you posted over the next few months.


  1. I carry a notebook with me too. I plot like crazy, but I still have problems with my characters behaving,so I can sympathize with you there. I'm behind on my goal with my WIP because I've been working on short stories the last couple of weeks. I suppose it's all good as long as I'm writing.

    Anyway, good luck on that novel!

  2. Good luck! It sounds like you're doing well so far :)

  3. Hi Jennifer. Welcome to the group. I am still trying to figure out my process which sounds like what you are doing as well. I try and make myself write in order because I find it really difficult to go back and connect the dots later. The transition are much smoother scene to scene when I write in order. But, the goal is to just write it down. Go back later and make if all fit. I joined junowrimo this month and am already looking forward to nanowrimo in November. Writing like this is super motivating and so much fun to be going through it will others. Check it out and Keep writing.

  4. Sounds like you're off to a great start. You will figure out your process. Keep in mind we all write differently so do what works for you. I'm a panster so I write the same way out, of order, and I connect things later. I have done a loose outlines, but like I said, do what works for you.
    Good luck!

  5. YEAH for you! It sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up

  6. Just stopping by from the IWSG :)

    Wow, go you!!!! :)

    Don't be so hard on yourself though honey......continue writing all the scenes, then join them together at a later date. We all have our different ways of working and that might just be your way :)

    Good luck! Xx

  7. Good luck with the novel. Just writing a few words a day is enough to keep your forward momentum going. Eventually, you'll look back from that 70000 word precipice. Keep going.

  8. It sounds like you've already done the hardest part in trying to write a novel..

    ....You've started.

    Don't worry, you'll find the right formula for concocting your plot that works for you. It's definitely a learning experience!

    Best wishes and keep writing!

  9. Hey there, I'm another visitor from IWSG...good for you for starting a novel!! That's terrific! It's already been said, but we do all write differently, so just do it the way you're comfortable and it will work out. I keep a note book with me too and write things down as they occur to me..I find it useful. Keep it up, you'll do great!

  10. Giving yourself deadlines is a great way to get writing. Good luck with your goals!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  11. Thanks Everyone for all the supportive comments.

  12. No one ever really says this, but plotting is actually hella-complicated. But it's also kinda fun. Just keep doing what you're doing, though. That's the only way to get it done at all.

  13. Hi Jennifer, I'm a new follower via the IWSG. Welcome to the group! Every writer has their own process. You'll eventually figure out what works best for you. For me, I outline extensively before I ever start writing. This opens me to just get the story down as fast as I can. I can worry about all the problems later during revisions and critiquing. Since this is your first novel, I'd say to just enjoy the ride and cherish time spent with your characters. Good luck. I hope to see you around!


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