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This week I had my first Insecure Writer's Support Group post and got to hear from some great people.  I went around and visited some new blogs, found some new inspirations, and got all insecure again.  I know I can't compare myself to other people, but everyone seems to be so much more on it than I am.

I announced my ambitious goal of completing a first draft of a 70,000 word novel by the end of July, and I keep falling further and further behind, although I did finally come up with a title: Weaver.  That's how backwards I am.

Last week I promised a piece of fiction, and I never got around to writing anything for today's post.  What I do have for you is a bit from my WIP that kind of sets up the story.  Enjoy!


“The universe is like a trillion bits of string laid out next to each other and then wound up into a ball,” someone had once told her. “Each string is a seperate line and when they are rolled up, they touch and mingle.” The teacher had only a single piece of string, but she rolled it up between her fingers until there was a tiny ball. “It's a mess, all the different points touching each other here and there. There are different colors and widths, different fibers. What we do is unravel the ball and find the string we like best for a situation.”

These days though, Myra was finding that there were fewer strings, and the ones that were left had been broken so that worlds ended aburptly. When she ran into one of these she would jerk awake, anxious and dizzy.


  1. Jennifer, the only comparison that matters is the one where you compare the you of today with the you of yesterday. Any improvement, in any area, by any measure, is proof of your success and growth.

    Insecurity is a gift that drives us to better ourselves. It mutates into confidence as we harness the potential we find within ourselves. And it should again be welcomed if our confidence becomes pride.

    I wish you well on your 70,000 word target, but the struggle can be worth more than the goal. Reaching the prize affords a sense of elation, but the struggle to reach the prize is what makes the goal worth accomplishing.

    1. Jeff,thanks so much for the encouraging words.

  2. Keep going. Just connecting the title to the passage,this looks very interesting. Keep going, its sage advise i heard somewhere:-)

    1. Thanks. I hope to be able to make it all work out eventually.

  3. Hello! this is my first time reviewing your blog (just pretty much a newbie over all) But wanted to let you know, you got the Liebster Award! Hope you come and collect it! :)

  4. I have some awards for you on my blog. Feel free to stop by to pick them up.


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