And the Winner Is...

Candilynn Fite has honored me by choosing my flash/sketch fiction Fireworks as the winner of her second Follow My Lead Flash Fiction Contest.

I was so excited to hear from Candilynn, and I was so excited that someone else enjoyed my story as much as I did.  When I started writing it I had no clue where it was going (as most things I write start), but by the time I scrunched it down to 300 words I could see so much of the story that wasn't being told and I think I might expand on it in the future.

Please stop by Candilynn's site to visit her and to see the other entrants.  There were some great stories submitted. 

As a prize I get a free copy of Fireseed One by Catherine Stine.

Ok.  Time for me to go to sleep now.  I'm up way past my bedtime.


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