Awards and Upcoming Blog Fests

In the past few days I've have been the recipient of a few awards.  Candilynn Fite has awarded me the

L.G. Keltner has honored me with the following awards:

So many pictures.  There are more coming up later.   I'm trying to cram a lot of stuff into one post today.

I'll answer the questions for the Booker Award since that's the one that doesn't involve writing 7 things about myself, and call me a bad blogger buddy, but I just can't muster up the energy to forward these to 7 people.  So people out there, I'm sending good vibes, but no awards (most of you probably have them already anyway, and if you don't, feel free to help yourself to one.  Or five.)

So with the Book Award I just have to list my 5 favorite reads:

1.  Charlotte's Web-Quick story about this book:  I got it before I understood the concept of chapters so the first time I read it I thought each chapter was a separate story.  I read the whole thing out of order.  I also learned the phrase "Magnum Opus" from this book, and as much as I would love to use it in everyday conversation, I never get the chance to.

2.  American Gods

3.  It

4.  Let the Right One In

5.  Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Second item of business:  Upcoming Blog Fests.  I've signed up for two starting in August.  Well one starts on July 30th, but close enough.  Click the links above the pics for details. 

With the What If? blogfest you're supposed to choose a team to write for, but I can't decide whether to go with Team Comedy or Team Plot Twist.  I'm never intentionally funny, and my plot twists are usually in they vein of "mundane, mundane, mundane---And then his head was ripped off by a giant spider!"  Maybe I can squeeze in a comedic plot twist.  The spider tells jokes while he noms on heads.

Anyway, Sunday will be my final installment of The Warehouse, and Wednesday will be the next Insecure Writer's Support Group.  Plus I have to start writing for the blog fests and I'm still about 5,000 words short of my 70,000 word novel (which will probably be the subject of the IWSG post).  So see you in a few days.


  1. I love American Gods! Definitely a great read!

  2. congrats on your awards
    and write club is going to be a blast!

    1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing how Write Club turns out. I haven't been involved in a blog fest like it yet.

  3. Congratulations on all your awards! I love your story about Charlotte's Web :)


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