Time for another Follow My Lead flash fiction.  Candilynn Fite runs this blog fest and you can visit her site for the other entries.

This month's prompt is this wonderful picture:

The fireworks flashed silently in the night sky.

Daria watched from her window, the air hot and sticky on her bare arms and legs. Calvin had once asked if she ever got bored watching the same show every night. She never did. She couldn't even begin to remember how many times she had watched these lights bursting outside her window.

Calvin crept into her room. He always seemed to think he could sneak up on her, but she knew when he was there.

“Hey,” she said softly.

“Hello.” He approached the window on silent feet, his movements smooth and fluid. “Are you watching the show?”

Daria responded with a shrug as a new flash of silent light burst across the sky.

“The Guardians are debating whether to remove the time lock.” He said.

“Why?” Daria straightened up, no longer focused on sky. “I thought the lock protected us.”

“It does. The question is how much protection do you need?” Calvin was watching the sky, his unnaturally smooth brown face lighting up in the flashes. Even in the dim light it was obvious he wasn't human. The Guardians had stopped far short of creating a convincing likeness of a man.

“Some have decided that a thousand years is enough time. If the lock is removed, you and your people will be returned to your home. You will rebuild and live on.”

Daria tried to imagine returning to a world where days moved on to weeks and years, where she would finally grow old, and eventually die. She didn't know how she felt about the prospect.

She turned back to the world outside her window. The fireworks were over, the sky still and black. A new day had begun.


  1. I like this. It's short, descriptive and draws you in.

  2. It sure drew me in! Thank you so much for entering my contest. Check out my announcement on my blog. :)


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