Inspirational Monday

Inspirational Monday is the brain child of Von L. Cid over at The Growing Writer.  The first Monday of each month you are supposed to write about something that inspires you. 

When I first saw this, I thought "New blog hop.  I'm getting in on the ground floor on this one."  I imediately signed up, and then I immediately forgot about it.  Whoops.  In my defense, I once forgot my own birthday.  It was 5 pm on my birthday before I remembered what day it was.

But enough about that. 

What inspires me?

Other blogger/writers I have met since I started seriously writing again, if I can call what I'm doing serious.  People like Von, L. G. KeltnerMichael Abayomi, and Alex Cavanaugh.   Well basically everyone I follow. They are all people in different phases of development, all doing their own thing, all making writing a serious part of their lives.  When I grow up I want to be just like them.

So, Internet, what inspires you?


  1. I would forget my birthday too if it wasn't on Christmas day. I too like reading about the exploits of other writers. I find I learn a lot from their experiences as well. It's also fun to read some of their stories. I just started seriously writing in March of this year, but everytime I finish a scene it feels so good.

    Have a great month of writing.

  2. I'm also inspired by the blogs I read, if I hadn't started my blog and followed all of the writers I follow, I doubt very much that I'd have started writing. :)


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