The Warehouse: Part 5

Part 5 of The Warehouse.  Catch up with the previous parts here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


He sees flashes of images that are not his own: fire, deep bruised-looking furrows in the earth, black skies with no stars. There are creatures with bulbous heads, gaping sucking mouths, maneuvering on long whip-like tentacles that moved with no discernable rhythm. He is one of those creatures. He is trapped in a stone as punshment for crimes his human mind can barely comprehend in their barbarity. The stone is hurled into the universe where it drifts for millenia, before coming in to the gravity well of a faint yellow star. He is sleeping then, but still dimly aware of falling towards a small blue and green planet. When he lands the stone shatters, sending shockwaves across the world throwing dust and debris into the air, causing a winter that lasts for decades. He is unleashed.

He feeds on the lumbering giants that roam the world, but after a few years they become scarce, as their own food sources were destroyed in the cataclysm caused by his arrival. He finds smaller and smaller prey until his is reduced to hunting the small hairy animals that squeal so deliciously when he traps them in his rows of needle-like teeth. But they are not enough, so he sleeps again. When he awakens millions of years later he finds the world vastly changed, rain forests replaced with open savanahs, and on the savanah he finds furry creatures larger than the ones from before. Some of these creatures walk on two legs, and are especially delectable. Soon he makes a discovery. The greatest nourishment comes not from the flesh of the two-legged animals, but from their minds. He learns to live off of the psychic force that emanates from them, finding it to be so much more enjoyable.

He lives this way for a very long time, longer than even he can fathom, and as his chosen prey begins to change and evolve, they lose their fur, they grow taller, and they spread out from the savannah. They begin to wear clothing, to create art and music. They learn to grow grain, and to breed animals. They build villages, then towns, then cities. They spread out across the world, and where man goes he follows.

Man isn't the only one who has evolved. He has become dependant on their psychic energy. Soon he finds that he can feed off of one human for decades, and so he does. He and his host develop a symbiotic relationship, and for thousands of years it is a mutually beneficial relationship, until he grows bored with his host. Then he finds a new one. The old one finally succumbs to the ravages of age they have always avoided.

Then he meets a young man. A man whose psychic vigor is positively exhilerating, it makes what passes for a heart in his alien body beat fervently with joy. For many years they enjoy each other's benefits; the man is exremely fortunate in all his dealings and surprises everyone he meets with his vibrancey long after his hair has turned white. He luxuriates in the manna that exudes from the man's mind. But then the man turns deciever. Traitor.

The man has discovered a place where the lines of the world unite, where the walls between worlds wear thin. The man erects a metal building, and here-through trickery, and deceit - the man traps him here in the walls between worlds. And here he languishes, biding his time, making his plans, sharpening his knives in a metaphorical sort of way. He won't need knives when he finally escapes his prison.

One day a new man appears, but he is deemed unworthy when his mind is fractured in the warehouse. So he waits a little longer, and much to his surprise another, stronger man appears. He takes his chance.

This one is so strong.  This one won't break like the last one.  This one will serve.

Join me next week for the conclusion of the story.


  1. Didn't see that coming! I love the idea, something that feeds off psychic energy...can't wait for the conclusion! :)

    1. One more week to go. I hope you like the ending. I'm still a little unsure of it myself.


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