The Warehouse: Part 6

Time for the final installment.

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After for what seemed like ages, he saw a light, a bright white rectangle in the dark, blinding him with its brilliance. John smiled and stood. His feet planted firmly on solid concrete, and the air stirred in a faint breeze. His eyes adjusted and by the time he stepped through the portal he was no longer dazzled.

He stood in a hospital room, smelling strongly of disinfectant. Machinery whirred and beeped, surrounding a small bed. On the bed covered with a faded yellow blanket lay Mr. Smith. John moved closer to him and gazed down at the wasted figure. The droopy ears looked even more ridiculous now on his gaunt skull. John waited.

Lashless eyelids fluttered and slowly opened. Faded blue irises surrounded by yellow corneas streaked with red stared up at him. One of the machines began to beep faster.

“Hello, Mr. Smith.” John smiled. It was a distracted, humorless smile. “I brought someone to visit. He's an old friend, and he's very disappointed in you.”

Mr. Smith struggled weakly in the bed. His breath wheezed in and out, and the little tube in his nose was knocked loose. “....mistake...”

“No mistake. The only mistake was yours.” John sneered, his face turning dark and animalistic. “Deceiver. Traitor.”

He stepped aside as the Master rolled forward on roiling appendages, round tooth-filled orifice gaping open.  The old man shuddered so hard the whole bed shook and rattled.  Mr. Smith moaned and there was a loud, wet, sucking sound.  John didn't watch, but he smiled as the life was drawn out of his former employer.


That's it.  That's the end.  I know it kind of ends abruptly, but that's the way it ended, and I couldn't make it end any other way. 

So, for those of you who have followed this whole thing, what do you think?  I wouldn't mind hearing some real criticism in the comments.

I'll be back on Wednesday to for IWSG.  See you then.


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