Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday was started by Von L. Cid.  The purpose of Inspirational Monday is to blog about something that inspires your writing.

I have this hanging in my cubicle at work.  It started out as a joke directed more towards my coworkers than myself, but recently it seems to apply to me more and more:

Sometimes I just sit and stare at it when I'm tired of staring at my computer screen, and I think, "You're right.  Nobody is paying me to believe in my dreams, but they should be."

So it when it comes down to it my inspiration is reverse engineered from a snarky Demotivational Poster.


  1. LOL, this should probably be hanging in *my* office. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. I like that poster. The quickest path to your dreams is through hard work, of unbelievably good luck. Only one of which you can count on.

  3. I agree. Belief is the fuel for dreams but you gotta put it in something to get them moving.


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