WIP Update

This is going to be a quick post.  I'm trying to keep up with at least once a week postings here.

I'm currently working on revisions to my WIP.  I have completed the first 3 chapters (2 of which were COMPLETELY) rewritten.  It sucks when you take a left turn during the first draft and then have to retcon the rest of the manuscript to match later chapters.  I started on the 4th chapter today and so far it's the only one I actually feel happy with.  Since I didn't plan out the novel before I started writing, I have had to go back and generalize where my chapters are, and I expect to have 22 or 23 chapters when I'm done.

So far I'm not too upset with what I've written.  I'm just not sure if anyone will want to read it.  If someone does read it, how much will they hate it?  I guess that's a question for an IWSG post.

I think I'll be ready to start looking for a CP soon.  I have to get some new eyes on this before I go too deep into any holes.

This is so me right now. Except I'm not a red-headed white dude.

Anyway, enough about me.
The winners of the What If? Blogfest were announced and you can see them here:

Team Plot Twist (my team)
Team Tragedy
Team Comedy
Team Love

My entry didn't come out as well as I wanted it to.  I'm having problems with that lately (you should see the peice of crap I entered into the Write Club blogfest.  I knew it was bad when I pressed send, but I had a headache, I was tired... that's another post, after Write Club is over).  I got the idea at work, scribbled it down, and realized it is a much longer story.  So another story goes into the "To Do" pile.


  1. Good luck with the revisions. I've just started myself. I've really appreciated the input from CPs because it's hard for me to pick out what works. If you're looking for people, Falling For Fiction do CP mixer posts every month. You should check it out!

    1. I'ge heard of the CP matchups at falling for fiction. I'm going to try them on the next mixer.


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