Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday was started by Von L. Cid. I don't know if he's still doing it, but if he's not I don't care. I'll just keep going. Basically, first Monday of the month, write about what inspires you.

My inspiration for the month:

Having goals is good. Acheiving those goals is great. I've been having a good year for goals (really, this is the first year that I have gotten close to acheiving all my New Years Resolutions). I think, now, finally after 35 years on this planet I figured out how to acheive them.
  1. Set goal
  2. DO IT
  3. Goal acheived.
Like so many people I always failed at step 2.  Step 2 is the hard part.

So I'm going to start slapping some monthly goals up here.  For the month of September I will:
  1. Finish first round of revisions by September 15th
  2. Choose an idea from my "to do" pile to work on while my CPs are savaging my MS (more on that remark during IWSG).
So that's my inspiration for the month. Goals.  What inspires you, internet?


  1. Hi, Jennifer. Still doing it, today I posted late. I agree that step 2 is the hardest part. But it's impossible without step 1. I think I'll set one for the month as well.

    This is what you post has inspired in me. My goal by the end of September is to finalize my 10K word short story. 1st draft is done and has been sitting for about a month. Now I want it DONE. Thanks! And good luck with your revisions.

  2. I shy away from goals because I seem to forget about them. I can usually make deadlines for projects but having the same discipline for writing is something I need to work on.
    This inspiration Monday is something I may have to get into! I spent all Monday poring over the photos from the Mars Rover, Curiousity, and wanting to write how that inspires me. Good luck with your goals. You can do it! Cheers

    1. Let me know if you decide to join us. 'The more the merrier' and all that.

    2. I would say that the Mars Rover is pretty inspiring.

  3. A simple method. I like it. Hard to screw up. Good luck with your revisions.

    1. You would think it would be easy, but it's harder than it looks.


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