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I just started writing again last spring. I used to write when I was a kid and in high school, but I was the type of writer who would never let anyone see anything I ever wrote down. Then, I just kind of fell away from it and it got to the point where I had gone 5 years without writing anything other than emails. Then I tried to write, but I was turned off of my obvious lack of talent; I suffered from a terrible case of Mary Sue-ism, and I kept trying to copy other, more talented, and more famous writers. It was like something a twelve year-old would write. So I quit again.
Well, I'm back again, with a better understanding of my short comings, and what made it so hard for me to write before. I've been writing most days for several months now. So what's my big insecurity?  I'm afraid that after a year, I'll just quit again, and then for the rest of my life every time I look at a blank page, I'll be forever reminded of the time I was almost a writer.
Which sort of weirdly segues into the question: At what point does one become a writer, instead of someone who writes? Is it just a natural progression where one day you wake up and realize "I'm a writer?" Is it the day you get your first offer from an agent? Is it when you finally make enough money selling your scribblings that you never have to drive 80 miles a day just to get to and from work ever again?

When did you start calling yourself a writer? Are you like me and still shy away from the title?


  1. I consider myself a writer because of the constant act of writing on a regular basis. For me, it's every day. I think if you do it enough and regularly enough, you just become what you're doing and become a writer.

    That's my own take, but others may differ.

  2. I'm a writer because I write stories and enjoy it to the point when I'm NOT writing, I feel "off" somehow. I want and need to get the words down, to let the characters speak.

    Psst... you're a writer. :D

  3. I questioned it like you~ I make a lot of mistakes and do not know where to begin, at times. I considered myself a writer in the past few months. Words wake me, thoughts at random fill my head. The more you write the more you will start to see n' feel like a writer. You have a blog, so you are a writer!
    Why don't you write something you enjoy, first~ Or try poetry, do some fun writing and see what comes! Walks n' art dates help, too! Check out Julia Cameron's books~
    :D Nice to meet you!

  4. If you can put words on paper, you're a writer. End of story. There's tons of sub category of writers, but I won't get into that. What matters is you can do it. There is no one-size-fits-all way of going about this, but you have a perspective that's unique and needed that no one else can offer. Go for it and never give up.

    And thanks for joining my blog. I gave you a Shout-Out today. :)


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