Inspiration Monday and Miscellany

As always, I'm going to cram a lot of unrelated things into one post today.

First, my inspiration this month: Positive Feedback

Last month I got feedback from my critic partners regarding my MS, Weaver. Both liked the idea and the story, and they gave me some great feedback. This has inspired me to keep going. Since I know I'm not writing complete crap-only about 50% crap, but crap I can mold and polish into a shiny golden poo that smells like lavender- I have a little more fuel to keep me moving. Sometimes it's the little things that keep you going.

Second, goals for November:
  1. Start next round of rewrites for Weaver. I want to be mostly done by the New Year, although with the holidays and having to rewrite the beginning (again) I'm leaving this one open ended.
  2. If I'm not revising, write for at least 30 minutes (1 hr if I can find it) a day.
  3. Read for at least 30 minutes a day. I have not been doing much reading recently, and I need to get back into the habit.
And finally, I would also like to announce a new segment I just thought of on my drive home for work called "What I'm Reading This Month". I figured I ought to expand my blogging horizons a bit, so to add a little variety (and to provide some incentive to complete goal #3), I decided to try book reviewing. I don't know the first thing about reviewing books, so this should be fun.

My first What I'm Reading This Month pick is The Terror by Dan Simmons:
I'll be back at the end of the month with my review.


  1. Positive feedback is like sunshine. I'm glad to hear Weaver is coming along well. If it has the same wit as 'golden poo that smells like lavender' I'm sure it's great.

    Ah, book reviewing. It's a lot of fun. Sometimes frustrating. Anyway, you should check out Book Tweeting Service. Authors in your favorite genre will line up and offer a free copy for a review.

    1. Positive feedback makes the writing world go 'round I'm sure.


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