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The Build Me a Blog-Hop was created by David Powers King. Check out the awesome background design on his blog.

I decided to sign up for this one because I suck at design. I'm always choosing colors that clash-usually 5 shades of purple with some red and green tossed in there-using 6 different fonts, and just overall setting up an ugly layout. As you may have noticed, if you haven't been here for a couple of weeks, I went through and did a major re-design of my own. I considered dropping out of this blog hop, but there is always room for improvement, so how about letting some one else give it a whack

So a-ny-way, the point of the blog hop is to write in 200 words or less what your perfect blog would look like. Here we go (73 words, by far the least I've ever written for any of these things):

See the background image? That only better. I found it as a wall paper on Google Image search, but in order to get it big enough to work on my blog I had to blow it up several times, and at this size it's not as crisp looking as the original. So if something could be designed that is VERY similar to my current background, only larger sized, then that would be perfect.

Thank you David Powers King for doing this blog hop. We're writers, not web designers.


  1. haha, ain't that the truth? Unless you're an illustrator, blog design in hard. Your back ground is very whimsical. Good luck!

  2. I'm terrible at design as well. I've managed to make the occasional semi-decent things, but overall, my attempts wind up being disastrous.

  3. Exactly. I have no brain for design, but I can imagine what I'm looking for in my head. Kind of like Lucas when he'd go into a room of artists, see the new ship designs, and just go with a marker and pick the ones he wants. And I'm digging your background already. A little amplifying would be awesome! Thanks for participating and best of luck! :)

  4. it is a very pretty background! i'm going to look at it for you anyway =)

  5. Hi, nice to meet you via the blog hop! I struggle with technical stuff! Have ideas but have no idea how to implement them.

  6. I like the background image a lot now that you made the part where you write/read a solid color. When I first saw it, the letters were set against the tree and it was too hard--but this looks great! :) Nice job on it and good luck!

  7. I was thinking your blog is really pretty and nicely set up. I like the brown and purple and the nice big font. Design is hard, but you seem to be doing pretty well on your own.

  8. Design is extraordinarily hard for me since I am the Wiley E. Coyote of blogdom! Thanks for following my blog, Roland


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