Insecure Writers Support Group: December

Another month, another IWSG post. Sorry it's late, I have been sick for the past couple of days.

For most of the past month I've had this look on my face:
On Monday I made an Inspiration Monday post that I dubbed Unspiration Monday, due to some problems I was having with writing, but immediately after making that post, I pushed through on two chapters of edits on my MS. I was very proud of myself and happy with the progress.

Then I got sick and Grumpy Cat reared his Grumpy (smooshy, wittle, wubbly, nom-nom face) head again.

I'm trying to keep Grumpy Cat at bay. Grumpy Cat doesn't get anything done other than look adorably grumpy. Grumpy Cat doesn't write.

I need Zen Cat:

and Focused Cat:

So I can be Victory Cat:

There really wasn't a point to this except that I needed an IWSG post, I didn't know what to write about, and I like pictures of cats.


  1. Yeah, keep that 'grumpy cat' out and focus on the other kitties.

    Nice work on pushing through and best of luck with the rest of your work.

    Have a great holiday!

  2. I know how grumpy cat feels! Thanks for advertising my blogfest!

    1. No problem, LG. I look forward to participating.


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