Inspiration Monday

The post for the first Monday of the month is supposed to be about something that inspires me to write.

Well, this month I'm just drawing a blank. I'm not feeling very inspired, and my brain feels particularly fried from my duties at work. This is just one of those times where I really don't feel inspired at all.

I've tried working on revising my current MS. When that doesn't work out, I try to write something new. And when that doesn't work out, I just sit staring at the computer screen or paper, and fantasize about doing anything but writing.

I'm sure we all go through this. No inspiration, a case of the blahs. I'd rather space out in front of the TV than write today. So today, I'm just going to dub this Unspirational Monday.

Don't let my attitude ruin your day. Are you feeling inspired today?


  1. Ouch. We all have those days. I suggest runing with your favorite song in your head. Would you like a 'get well soon' card?

  2. I think this is okay. There are ebbs and flows to everything. This month I was so busy writing that I missed Inspirational Monday.

    I went through the blahs in mid September. I just couldn't put myself in the mood to write. But hey, you wrote this post, so there's that. It'll come back like a bullet.


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