Happy New Year: Resolutions and Changes

I'm not a fan of New Years. Generally, they just end up being the same as the previous year, only I just get older without feeling like I've accomplished anything. However last year, I put together a New Year's Resolution list, that I can't find, but I do remember three of those resolutions.
  1. Read A Tale of Two Cities. That did not happen.
  2. Lose 35 pounds. I lost 20.
  3. Write 2 short stories. Not only did I write several short stories, I wrote a whole flipping book. So for once I can say Resolution Achieved.
So this year, I'm going to try to re-create the success.  So here are my resolutions for this year.
  1. Read A Tale of Two Cities. It's on my Kindle, (and has been for a year) so no reason not to.
  2. Lose 15 pounds. (I'm going to brag here, and just say that if I achieve this goal it will be 70 pounds lost since July 2011).
  3. Finish my MS and start querying.
  4. Participate in a NaNoWriMo (either Camp NaNO, or NaNo Classic in November).
As far as blogging is concerned, I'm going to kind of loosen things up here. I started this blog in May of last year because I wanted a blog devoted to writing. I already had a blog that never really had any focus and shortly after I started A Creative Exercise, I just gave up on the old one.

However just writing about writing is boring, so I'm going to start bringing a little more non-writing related stuff here. Mostly pictures and videos that I think are funny. Starting now:
I'll try not to fill your reading list with pictures and videos that are funny.
I'm going to continue to do the book reviews, and IWSG, and Inspiration Monday, but I'm probably not going to participate in anymore flash fiction blog fests. They stress me out.  I'm also interested in trying to be bit more positive, since a brief look back at previous posts have a lot of woe-is-me-ism going on.
Except on IWSG. There's a reason why it's called INSECURE Writers Support Group.


  1. Good for you! You've done an amazing job achieving your goals. I haven't set anything down except my writing goals, but I am seeking to be less cynical. I've written my IWSG post all around that.

    Happy New Year!

    1. It really surprises me that I've come this far. I hope to go further in the coming year.

      Being less cynical is a hard one to do. There's just so much to be cynical about. I don't know if I could acheive that one.


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