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I missed The Big Reveal, but what the hell

I missed The Big Reveal blog hop, during which I was supposed to reveal what my A to Z theme was going to be this year. I have excuses, but none of them are any good. My house didn't burn down, my laptop didn't crash, I haven't been sick, and neither has my kid. I'm just lazy, and I didn't really want to think about this whole blogging thing.

Better late than never I guess. I've decided to do a story(ish) a day. The -ish part comes in where there might not be much actual plot involved on some-or most-of the days. But there will be writing of the fictional kind.

I'm trying to get as much as possible done ahead of time. That way A) I'm not so rushed as the month wears on, and B) I can spend more time visiting other participants. I'm a lousy blogger buddy in that I don't get around as much as I ought to, so I really want to focus on that during the challenge.

That's it for me. I'll see you guys next week.

Sunday Musings

In case you haven't seen this, the ladies of Falling For Fiction have started The Matchelor.

Fill out the questionaire on their site (click the pic to be magically transported there), and submit by March 20th, and they will work their mojo to find your perfect CP/Beta match.

I've already signed up (I feel like I need more than two CPs), and I can't wait to see who they come up with.

A to Z news: I still don't have a theme. I've been considering a flash fiction a day, but I'm not sure I have it in me.

WIP news: If you care, I've been reading my WIP from front to back, and I'm utterly amazed at the great heights and the horrific lows my writing can take. One chapter, I'm awesome, next chapter I'm making this face:

Anyway, this will probably be the last time I stop by before April, so don't look for me anytime soon.


Another first Wednesday of the month, another Insecure Writers Support Group post.

I don’t really have much to feel insecure about this month. Last month I took a very much
needed break from the MS I’ve been beating myself over the head with for the past 10 months.
I got some valuable feedback from my CPs and I’m feeling more confident than ever that I can
do this.

I made a goal last month of 11,000 words for the month of February. I ended up somewhere
around 10,500. Close, but now cigar. However most of those words were part of a new story
that I was really excited about, so I feel they were put to really good use.

This month the only goal I’m setting is to prepare for the A to Z Challenge. I still have no theme.
There probably won’t be a theme, just 26 posts loosely related to the alphabet. It’s better this
way for everyone involved.

Actually, there is one other goal. I need to read Weaver from page 1 to page whatever. I have
yet to read this thing from cover to cover, and I’m sure the next round of edits will benefit from
seeing the big picture.

So, are you guys doing A to Z? Do you have a theme set up?


I missed Inspiration Monday. So, Happy Tuesday.

Inspiration comes from a lot of places. People I know, movies I've seen, TV shows, and of course books. In fact, I'm not sure that I've ever written about any idea that sprang fully formed from my own subconscious. My big WIP took elements from several people I know in real life, (though I doubt they would recognize themselves on paper at this point), concepts from a couple of books I've read, and places I've been. Does that make it unoriginal?  Ehhhhh. They always say there's no such thing as an original idea anymore. It's the reason why tvtropes exists.

What makes the idea and the story work is the way the elements are combined, the little twists you give them, and the way a character evolves from being a caricature of your worst real life enemy into a fully formed, complex, richly nuanced villain. I used to feel bad about blatantly ripping off my favorite stories (you have no idea how many Carrie and Firestarter inspired revenge stories I dreamt up as an adolescent), and for a long time I was afraid that I didn't have the ability to create my own story.

But then I figured out the trick. Take bits and pieces, mix them all up together, and eventually something original(-ish) will come out. Just don't name your bullied, telekinetic teen protagonist Mary. That's a bit obvious.