A is for Arlee Bird

This tribute to Arlee was supposed to go out this morning, but apparently I forgot to schedule it.

(If you're looking for my official A to Z post you can find it here.)

As per the personal (I prefer to believe that he knows me personally) email request for the Ninja Captain himself Alex Cavanaugh this one is dedicated to Arlee Bird, the originator of the A to Z Challenge.

Arlee started the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge in 2010. That first year there were about 100 blogs signed up, an impressive number by any measure. As of 8pm Sunday March 31st there were 1716 blogs entered in the challenge! This is my second year doing the Challenge. Without his marvelous idea I wouldn't have started writing again, and I certainly wouldn't be talking to you people today.

So, thank you Arlee Bird for creating something that gave this lost and clueless blogger a doorway to the big wide world of blogging.


  1. This is also my second year of participating and I LOVE it because it not only makes me write, it makes me be social. I'm not up on my blog etiquette--I even had to check how to spell it! This makes me dust off the manners and practice them. Thanks for the comment at my spot.

  2. A very thoughtful 'A' post Jenifer! This is my first A-Z and I forgot to mention Arlee in my first post [embarrassed face] I am so excited about participating and it's good to hear how important Arlee is to the event and the blogosphere in general. Cheers!

  3. The A to Z was the same for me last year, it's really what got me onto the path I'm on right now, and I'll always be grateful to Arlee for that :)

  4. I was just over at Von L Cid's blog and I came over here to find Inspirational Monday. I see you had the same idea as him. Good luck!


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