[Picture: Decorative initial letter ``K'' from 16th Century]

The human body was the reason he was being tailed.

He needed a vessel to exist here, and the vessel needed feeding. It was a massive pain in his ass having to feed this thing. It was something he had known about, but he had vastly overestimated how long humans could go without stuffing their fleshy gobs with food.

So, upon inspecting the vessel's shattered memories he found that the former inhabitant had a fond connection to Panera Bread. He drove the little blue car to the restaurant and stood in line while the vessel's stomach grumbled.

If he had known it would be so much of a hassle keeping this body going he wouldn't have bothered.

Ah, who was he kidding? He would have made the same decision. The opportunity to feed on uncorrupted souls, to taste the delicious innocence, to suck the purity and light straight from the source. It was an eternity better than what he got back home.

The name on the driver's license in his back pocket was Maurice Finnegan. The name he gave the woman at the counter was Koch. He preferred it to his true name: Kochibael.

The trip to Panera was uneventful until he saw a young man talking to the old woman.


Elderly humans as a rule are weak and easy to dispatch. They were so close to the grave it only took the slightest nudge to push them into the hole. But not that old bat. She just wouldn't die. He had to suppress a smile though, at the sight of her hunched over the metal framed walker. She hadn't needed it before she met him.

He watched as she went outside with the young man and then the plastic square buzzed and vibrated in his hand. He collected the sandwich and left the restaurant. He saw Lucille and the man-another hunter he now realized-still talking to each other. He hurried to the car and left as quickly as possible.

For several blocks he checked the rear view mirror, but there was no sign of the hunters. He began to relax. He wasn't exactly afraid. It wasn't as if they could kill him. He would just be sent back.. And Koch didn't want to go back.


  1. Nice :)

    Beware the old woman, she is not what she seems.

  2. Whoa! This is intresting, thanks!

  3. Great last line- And Koch didn't want to go back...

  4. I'm with the old woman every time. Go girl!

  5. There's a Panera opening down the road from me. After reading Jeff and Koch I can't wait!

  6. Hi from a fellow A-Z traveler! Anything to do with Panera gets my vote.


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