Last Day !!!!! Sorry, GIF time:

Anyway, I hate to disappoint, but I was really stuck on Z, and I found a picture online that gave me a glimmer of inspiration, but I couldn't figure out what was happening there. So just a tiny smidgen of an idea for you today.
[Picture: clipart: initial letter Z from beginning of the 16th Century]
I followed Zero across the field. She never looked back at me as she floated ahead, gripping her umbrella, like Mary Poppins, her red coat flapping in the wind. I wondered again if she was real, or if she was a waking dream.

She stopped at a low mound of earth, grown over with brown grass that waved in the wind. She pointed with her free hand at the mound.

“There?” I asked. Zero nodded silently, her blank doll's face expressionless. I unslung the shovel from my shoulder and started digging.


  1. Congratulations in completing the A to Z Challenge.


  2. Hi Good to be here.
    An interesting and happy finish here :-)
    Keep Jumping oh no, Keep going :-)
    Keep inform
    Good Wishes
    Keep in touch
    I am
    Philip @ Philipscom
    An ambassador to A to Z Challenge @ Tina's Life is Good
    And My Bio-blog

  3. Now I have shivers lol. Great post and congrats on making it to Z! Simply Sarah

  4. Nice bit of writing there, very haunting. Congrats on getting to the end.

  5. Oo-er! That's a bit creepy. Congrats on finishing the challenge - those last few letters of the alphabet are tough, aren't they, but we did it!!

  6. still a very satisfying piece. congrats!

  7. Thanks everyone. It's been a long month that somehow went by too quickly.

  8. comgrats on making it to the end!!


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