Inspiration Monday: Plans

Hey Look! It's another first Monday of the month. Time for Inspiration Monday.

I skipped last month because of the A to Z Challenge. As with the IWSG, I can only focus on one thing at a time.

Which brings me to the plans thing mentioned in the title of this post. I had planned to complete another round of edits on Weaver, but never got around to it. So that is what the month of May is for. I've already started, and I'm hoping after this, I'll be done with the big picture stuff and I can focus exclusively on the smaller plot inconsistencies, spelling errors and grammar stuff.

Next on my list of plans: I'm thinking of taking  a few of my short stories from the A to Z Challenge, expanding on them, and putting together a collection that I hope to self publish. But that's a little bit down the road.

The next BIG PLAN is Camp NaNoWriMo in July. Yes, I have finally succumbed to the insanity. I have no idea of what I'm going to write about, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

So do you have any plans for the coming month? How about Camp NaNo? Anyone else doing that?


  1. Good luck with those edits, and you're a brave girl to face Nano Camp. I'm sure you'll do great :)

    1. I think you have to be slightly cracked to do any of the NaNoWriMos. So I guees I'll fit right in.

  2. I'm signing up for JuNoWriMo. I'm pretty excited as I haven't tried anything like this before.
    This month I am on round one of revising my first novel. Good luck on your camp Nano!

    1. I needed a little more time to psych myself up for it. So July it is.

  3. Like the new look. Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I haven't psyched myself up for such a challenge. I'm still trying to get more disciplined to just write more, especially blogging.

  4. I'm doing Camp NaNo, but I'm using it to write my dissertation, so my wordcount will be quite small; 13000 words. I was thinking how easy it would be before I realised I'm going on holiday at the end of July, so that cuts my writing time down significantly!

  5. I'm finishing the third book in the Newstead trilogy, and if I get it back from my editor, working on edits for the second. Other than that, I don't have any set plans. I can't wait to see your short story book. I really liked what I saw here in April.

  6. Your little cartoon made me chuckle, my Monday was exactly like that.
    I'm not good enough to do most of the challenges I'm finding.

    Cynthia (a to z roadtrip)


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