Where do you write?

I often see this question on blogs. I think a lot of them came from a blog hop a while back that I missed. Anyway, I got to thinking about this question about a week ago after reading this post at io9.

I was particulary fascinated by Terry Pratchett and his six monitors, and Neil Gaiman's garden office.

I really want Gaiman's garden office:

But alas, I'm far, far away from achieving that goal, and besides I'd probably be too distracted by the world around me to get any writing done.

So, where do I write?

Depends on how focused I want to be. If I'm just farting around, I'll do it on the couch, or even in bed. If I want to get some real work done, and I don't want cats trying to crawl on my laptop, I'll work at the kitchen table.

I've considered setting up a real, actual, Serious Writer™, work space, but a) I'm lazy, and b) I'm not sure where I'd put it. I have a three bedroom house; two of those rooms are occupied, and the third is a guest room/dumping ground for stuff I should throw away/donate/unpack (been here for 3 years BTW and still have stuff in boxes). I could clear out that third room, but it's so small that a twin bed and a small dresser take up most of the free space. There's no place for a desk.

So, kitchen table it is.


  1. I want that treehouse! I worked at the dining room table for a year, and it was fine. Now I share with hubs at the Big Desk. I'd love to have my own space though. Maybe one day we'll both have a treehouse?!

  2. Love the tree house!

    I write in a corner of my living room, surrounded by book shelves filled with books and papers and other nonsense. My husband has the other corner for his desk and computer. I don't have a desk, I have lots of little tables filled with everything thing I need. My big chair is my world! Laptop for a reason. Then there's the sun porch, I love working outside!

  3. Well, I got a laptop again this year so I have the freedom to go where I want, but sometimes I lock myself in my room and go to my nerd station (AKA my desktop covered in all sorts of random things).

    It is good because then I can just focus hard on the writing and not worry about being interrupted.

  4. I've been thinking of doing a blogfest on this very subject, with people submitting pictures of their 'work area' and/or describing where they write.

    I'd love to have an 'out of the way' place, with zero distractions but, for now, I have our guest room (for serious writing bouts) and our 'game room' where the wife and I both have our comps set up.

    Sometimes the solitude is nice, but other times, I don't mind a few distractions as I write :)

  5. @Jeanette and Yolanda: We can all work towards our own tree houses.

    @Brandon: Nerd station, ha! I couldn't have that. I would start playing with all the nerd stuff and never get anything done. I'm easily distracted.

    @Mark: Go for the blogfest. I'd participate.

  6. Still working towards that tree house! :)

    Stop by I've chosen you! Inspiration, loads and loads to be found in your sphere!

  7. Right now I write in my bedroom on a couch over a table my husband made for me...but I have plans for a garden cottage...and one of these days I'll pull them out and put them on the honey-do list.


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