Some quick updates.

Camp NaNo: 14,341 words as of this evening. I'm almost right on track there. I have run into a snag though. I have no idea of what happens next. I know what scene I want to write next, but I have no idea how it fits into the larger story. I guess I'll figure it out. Or it will be one of those scenes that end up on the cutting room floor when it's all said and done.

Weaver: I've heard back from a couple of people who are reading it over for me. One of them had read it before and she was very encouraging with some of the changes I had made. Another person, reading it for the first time gave me the best comment ever:

"At first I was excited to read it because I knew you wrote it, but now I'm excited because the story is drawing me in."

I'm trying to figure out this Bloglovin thing. I'm just internet illiterate enough to have not been engaged with Google Reader, but upon witnessing the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanied its demise, I realized that a Reader-type program was exactly what I was missing in my life. I poked around at a couple of options, and decided to start consolidating the blogs I follow on Bloglovin.

I've been running Pandora while writing, and I'm trying to figure out how Johnny Cash fits into the Queen channel. Is it because they were both kind of big in the '70s? I don't know. Some of the stuff Pandora throws at me makes no sense. But I like Johnny Cash so I'll let that one go.


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