Inspiration Monday

So much to be inspired by this month.

I finished Camp NaNoWrimo last month. It was the most frustrating thing I've ever put myself through. The biggest problem I had was that I set my goal at 50,000 words, and that was a big mistake. It came down to a lot of rambling and writing in circles to make that goal, and I'm really not happy with the finished project. It's my fault, not NaNo's, but if I ever do it again, I will choose a much lower word count.

On the plus side, I did find the heart of the story - which I don't think I would have been able to do without the pressure - so at least I have something to work around now. I also came up with the working title: The In Between Place. It sounds kind of vague, I know, but really it does mean something in the context of the story.  I'm going to let it sit a while and come back to it in a month or two to see if I really have something there.

I got some great feedback from beta readers/critique partners on Weaver. Even after all this time, I was afraid that there was some fundamental flaw in the story that I couldn't see, but all the notes I'm getting point to small bits and pieces that are easy to fix, and won't require an entire rework of the novel. After the comments I'm fairly confident that I can start looking forward to querying (cue simultaneous joyful clapping and terrified facial expressions). QueryCon is going on  in September, and I'm thinking of joining in. I'm terrible at selling myself (resumes and job interviews are nightmares for me) and the chance to learn how to write a query and get critiques on my query is awesome.
I'm still planning on dipping my toe into self publishing, either by the end of the year, or early next year. I had originally planned to expand upon a few of my A to Z stories, but they keep getting longer and longer, so I'm slowing down just a bit to figure out where to take them. I know at least one is begging for the full on novel treatment, but a couple of others are definitely threatening to take me into the 20,000 word or higher level. Whether that's a function of the story, or a deficiency in my own editing skills, I have to figure out. In the mean time, for anyone who has self published, what's you experience? Good, bad or indifferent?
Last thing, offering advice from someone more successful than me:


  1. I think for the most part self-publishing is the way to go- so much freedom in it.

  2. Self-publishing is the best thing I ever did for my writing career. I'm no big name like Hocking or Howey, but learning how to take my career into my own hands and treat it like a self-owned small business has completely changed the way I think about my writing career. Plus, it's tons and tons of fun. Yes, there are challenges, and yes, there are rejections and bad reviews and moments that really get you down, but being able to connect with readers directly is just so awesome, not to mention that it just makes more sense from a business perspective.

    I'm not quite making a living just yet, but at the rate things have been growing, I expect that by the time I have about twenty books out (most of them novellas), I should be able to support myself on the writing full-time. My goal from the beginning has been to make a living telling stories that I love, and for anyone else who has that goal or a similar one, I wholeheartedly recommend the self-publishing route, and not as a backup plan but as the primary plan. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

  3. Congratulations on NaNoWrimo! Anyone that can make it through such a challenge has my respect.

    My self-publishing experience has been great. I've recieved a lot of reviews (most of them good) and made decent money; nothing spectacular but enough to pay for my writing snacks. Best of all, there's no one telling what I can and can't write or to chop off large segments to bring the word count down.

    On the other hand, you either need to do everything yourself or hire someone to do it. You most certainly need an editor. Depending on what you want, it can get expensive.

    As we say on Tv Tropes: Equivalent Exchange.


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