Sunday Short

This week I have a short story for you. I used the Story Generator at Seventh Sanctum to get the ball rolling. My prompt was:

The story ends on the ocean. The story must have a wolf in it. The story must involve a ring in the beginning.

Now on with the show:

She looked at the ring on her hand, a simple band in white gold that circled her finger, and glinted in the sunlight that beat down on her from above. The water surrounding her was murky, completely unlike the crystal clear waters she had frolicked in during her youth. Looking down into the water, she wondered how much longer the wolves would wait.

It had been stupid to untether herself from the others - she knew that now - but in the heat of the moment, when the wolves from below had started attacking, rising up from the deep, crashing into the rafts made of logs lashed together with vines, she didn't think. Using the little knife she always carried in a sheath at her side she had hacked through the vines holding her portion of the flotilla. As she floated away she tried not to listen to the screams of her comrades as they fell into the water, and were torn to bits by the wolves in the sea.

She looked up from the dark water, and gazed back at the flotilla that still drifted far from her. On the rafts, the survivors were struggling to paddle quickly, to catch up to her, but she was caught in a swift moving current that bore her away from them, as if the ocean was trying to steal her away. Her own paddle was gone; something had reached up out of the water and snatched it from her hands, leaving a painful friction burn across her palms.

She watched her friends and her family, as they shouted and paddled furiously, trying to reach her, and she wanted to shout at them to go back. Instead, she felt a strange calm come over her. She knew that this was the end for her. There was no way the others could catch her, and even if they did, they would be caught in the same current, drawn away from the safety of the islands, and out into the open ocean where things even worse than the wolves lurked.


  1. This is great, very creative. I've never tried writing prompts before.

    1. Thanks, Melanie. Prompts help when you're stuck. The story generator at Seventh Sanctum can through out some really random combinations that send you in weird directions.

  2. Cool. Good imagery. I have never tried a writing prompt either, might have to give it a go.


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