The Perfect Retirement

I was taking a walk on my break at work the other day, and for some reason I was thinking about that old SNL skit where Chris Farley tells the kids that if they don't straighten up, they'll end up "living in a VAN down by the RIVER." So I'm thinking of this skit, and I think that a van down by the river might not be so bad. It's cheap. I bet it's quiet. And when you're tired of the place you can just drive somewhere else.


  1. I'm with you--what would be so threatening about that? Maybe you had to be there? Oh, well. Good for you taking a walk instead of loading up on coffee.

  2. A van down by the river sounds like heaven right now.

  3. It seems river van people have to be creepy. It's part of the van owners association or something.


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