Just a Quick One

My query for Weaver is up for critique at Falling For Fiction today. Feel free to stop by and offer your input.  Or you could just "Tell me I'm good" ;)


  1. Just read your query. You did a fantastic job streamlining considering how complicated the world you created is - well done! Best of luck on the query trail, and be sure to keep me posted!

  2. I don't know if you'll go back to the query on FFF, so I'm leaving my reply to your last comment.

    I always laugh about people overusing THAT. I am so bad--it's probably one of my worst offenders for overused words. When I'm cleaning up my manuscripts I always end up deleting hundreds of THATs. If you're writing them in your query, they're probably in your ms too. But at least now you'll be aware of it.

    Good luck with your query.


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