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I've had a lot of random musings over the month, which I'll document here, so bear with me.

I signed up for Twitter this month. I put a little Twitter thingy over there on the left. I'm under @JAEllis6. Follow me if you dare.

I decided that I'm going to publish as J. A. Ellis, once I stop talking about publishing and actually get around to doing it.

I decided this month that I wanted to write a western. I don't think I've ever actually read a western in my life, and I can count the number of western movies I've seen on one hand, if Blazing Saddles counts as a western, and more than 1 and fewer than 10 episodes of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman count as a movie. Is there a formula to it, like romance and mysteries, or does it just have to take place west of the Mississippi?

I found out this month that in some parts of England cats are called moggies. This is the most squee-tastic thing I've ever learned.

One of the most awesomest things I've seen on YouTube:
I've watched it 10 times already
And just in case you had any productivity left, Procatinator will help you get rid of that.


  1. My boyfriend showed me Procatinator the other day, I love it!
    And yes, I live in a part of England that does indeed call cats 'Moggies'. I've called them moggies since I was little, I didn't know it was weird until recently! I love my two moggies :)

  2. I've gotten interested in westerns recently. I've read a few of the classic western novels, and found I love Louis L'Amour's writing, especially the Sackett series. And have watched a few classic western TV shows on the Encore Western channel. Really liked Have Gun - Will Travel among others. There is a group called Western Writers of America, they give out the Spur awards each year to the best western novels and movies.

    And I did know cats are moggies in England. In my house they are called 'damn you cat get off of the counter!' Which they take as a term of endearment and as in no way a hint to stay off the kitchen counter.


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