Book Release: The Bashan Agenda

Today I'm proud to be one of the bloggers helping Melanie Schulz announce the release of her newest book, The Bashan Agenda, the second novel in The Newstead Trilogy:

The Newstead Trilogy is one story in three parts. The Bashan Agenda, Part Two, picks up right where The Newstead Project left off.

Nathan's truck eventually stops in the small town of Wilson, NY, and Rachel's still in it, not that she wants to be. But she figures at least in Wilson she'll be able to have a fresh start. She forgot one thing: they can be anywhere.

As Joel trains with his father, doubts begin to rise in his mind. Is he really who he claims to be - and more importantly does he have an agenda all his own? When the maps to Bashan come out, Joel realizes maybe it's not such a good idea to be putting so much trust in one man.

The Bashan Agenda is available on Amazon Kindle.

You can find Melanie on:
Her blog

Check Melanie and The Bashan Agenda out.


  1. Wow, the cover for THE BASHAN AGENDA is gorgeous. I'm a tree kind of gal. Congrats on the release!

    Jennifer, I'm proud of you for doing Camp NaNo, but I know all too well, how daunting it can be to turn around and try to clean up the aftermath. As you've read on my blog, I haven't yet done so on my past two novels written during a NaNo experience. O_O However, they did help me through the writing process. Thanks for posting my badgy thingy on your sidebar, and I wish you lots of luck revising and polishing your project! Heading over to Twitter to follow you. :))


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