Cover Reveal for Weaver

Here it is, the cover for Weaver:

The cover was designed by Laura Gordon, who was great to work with.

I know I'm supposed to have a big thing for a cover reveal, but I just didn't have the energy for it. I am looking for help with the release, though.

I am set to release Weaver on Monday, February 17th. If you're interested in announcing the release of Weaver on your own blog, please leave a comment below.

I even have some incentives for participation. Each participant will be entered into a random drawing for free copies of Weaver. I will be giving away one paperback copy and two ebook copies to three people.


  1. I'd be happy to do it. I've read enough of your stuff that I know this is going to be worth recommending. And the cover is beautiful.

  2. Your cover looks fabulous, Jennifer! I would be happy to announce this on my blog... Feb 17th already, hey? That's so soon!

  3. I'll announce it on my blog, love the cover :)


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