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Good Afternoon, and Happy Sunday to all.

This week I've done a few things. I started taking online classes through the local community college. I'm taking three classes this semester. After getting laid off, I knew I couldn't depend on jobs falling into my lap, which has almost always been the case for me in the past, and I decided to go back to school. So far the classes have been pretty easy. Of course it's the first week, and nothing much ever happens in the first week.

I received a job offer that would basically have me working in the same building, and with many of the same people, that I used to work with. It's a contract position, but it's work, and it's been the best offer I've received so far. Unless something wacky comes up on the background check, I'll be back to work, full time, in February.

On Thursday, my son came home from school with a sore throat and a low grade fever. Knowing that his half-sister had been diagnosed with the flu a few days earlier, I rolled my eyes, grit my teeth, and took him to the doctor the next morning. Yay. Flu. Type A. Whatever that means. Maybe it's a nicer class of flu than Type B. Anyway, he got some Tamiflu, and other than a bit of a low grade fever that comes and goes, and an occasional cough, you would never know he was sick.

Of course, now I have it too. I used to tell people that I never get the flu, but based off the symptoms I've been experiencing, I probably have had the flu, but I just always thought it was a cold. So far, the symptoms have been very mild. It's been years since I've had any of these symptoms, though, (and I haven't had a flu shot in at least ten years) so I must be doing something right in avoiding it.

Also this week, I worked with a wonderful cover artist to create a cover for Weaver. I got the MS uploaded to CreateSpace, and I'm just waiting on my proof to come in. I'm getting really excited and anxious about the whole thing. Stay tuned for a post looking for help doing a cover reveal coming up sometime in the future.

Oh, yeah. And you've probably noticed that I changed the look of my blog again. I'll never stop randomly changing things. Never!


  1. Glad the classes are easy so far! Of course, the first week is probably the easiest.

    Hope you feel better!

    Like the blog changes. :)


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