It's Weaver Release Day!!

The day has finally come. Weaver is officially unleashed upon the world.

"As a Weaver, Myra Castor has always depended on her ability to read the lines of the universe, and create new possibilities in the fabric of reality to keep her footing in a world that most people have no control over. But when she hears that her mentor, Susan, has died of a heart attack, Myra's world begins to fall apart.

Before Myra can process the news, Jack, another of Susan's students - and Myra's former lover - appears on her doorstep. He tells her Susan's death wasn't a heart attack, and when he shows Myra an anomaly - a hole in the universe - that leads to a dead world full of ghosts, Myra begins to question her perception of reality. She knows that without intervention, the lines holding the universe together will unbind, and slip away into oblivion, and their world will cease to exist.

Together, Myra and Jack work their way through the anomalies riddling their part of the universe, searching for a portal that will bring them closer to the source of the chaos. But an ambush ending in tragedy sends Myra across the universe in a desperate bid to save her world."
 This is how excited I am*
Weaver is available in both ebook ($4.99) and paperback ($11.99) from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and ebook only at Smashwords.

I had many great people help me out with the release, and as promised, I'm going to give away some prizes. I did a completely unscientific and old school drawing by writing names on slips of paper and pulling them out of a baggie, and here are the winners:

A paperback copy goes to Beth Camp.
Colleen Ebook copies go to Colleen Chen and Patrick Stahl.

Congratulations to the winners! I'll be getting with you all later today or tomorrow about getting your prizes.

Thanks to all who volunteered to help me. Please stop by at each of their blogs to say "Hi."

Beth Camp
Patrick Stahl
Colleen Chen
Jeanette Smejkal
Brandon Ax
Candilynn Fite (hers won't be up until the beginning of March, but I'm sure she'd appreciate you stopping by.)

*Find this and other art gifs here.


  1. Congratulations Jennifer, what an almighty achievement. I gotta admit, space odysseys and the like aren't a genre I read, but I love the title and your cover looks great. All the best and good luck with the #atozchallenge this year.

  2. That dancing girl had me tapping my toes! Congratulations Jennifer!


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