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The point of Indie Life is to talk about the ups and downs of being an independent author, and this past month has been nothing but.  

I’ve published two things as an Indie writer in the past 4 months. My novel, Weaver, is on the market, and while I’ve sold a couple of copies to friends and family, it really hasn’t taken off. I didn’t expect it to, but seeing my numbers frozen in one spot is kind of disheartening.

On the plus side, my novelette, Snowbound, has been doing better. I’m actually on one of the myriad of top 100 lists at Amazon. Kindle Store> Kindle ebooks>paid>literature and fiction>horror>short stories to be exact. When I first noticed this last Friday, I was at #71. I was so excited that I had to tell everyone I know. When I checked again on Saturday, I made it up to #45. The last time I checked I was at #69, so still there on the list. I also got my first review, 5 stars, which made me happier than perhaps it should have.

What does this all mean? I haven’t a clue. I haven’t sold that many copies of Snowbound, so it’s not like I’m a bestseller. Or maybe I am. Does being on a top 100 list make you a bestseller? Anyway, after the initial excitement, my default mode of pessimism and cynicism set in. While it’s nice to see my name on a list anywhere, I don’t think this is as good a thing as I want it to be.

It doesn’t seem to do much for browsing. If you actually search horror short stories, I don’t come up in the first several pages. I am way outranked by people offering their stories for free. The fact that I’ve sold more copies of Snowbound than people I personally know is a surprise to me. A surprise that I keep expecting to crash and burn.

So enough about me, how is everyone else doing?


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