For the A to Z Challenge I generated a list of random words, and I will be writing a short story incorporating those words. Each day a little more of the story will be unveiled. You can read the full story, to date, here. Here we go:

Golden Dragon was on a side street, eight minutes from campus, squeezed in between a hair salon and a sketchy looking liquor store. Inside, the d├ęcor could only be described as Eastern Kitsch. The walls were covered with prints of smiling, Precious Moments style Chinese children, and Buddha participating in a wide variety of unlikely activities: golfing, lounging on a beach, strolling through a picture-book forest under a smiling yellow sun. In addition to what Pete always called the “Chinaphinalia,” the owner had an obsession with frogs. Everywhere the eye landed was a ceramic frog, and the koi pond just inside the door had a large fountain in the shape of a frog with water spewing out of its mouth.
They were seated by a small woman with dark hair and almond shaped eyes. Old Mark didn’t even bother with the pretense of sitting while giving his drink order. After requesting a Pepsi he made a beeline for the buffet. Young Mark moved a bit more slowly. The crowd was fairly light. It was the middle of the week between lunch and dinner, so only a few older patrons hovered around the steam trays. Later, the place would be filled with students from the university, and Mark would have probably been one of them. He filled his plate with fried rice, Hunan Beef, teriyaki chicken, and balanced an egg roll and some of the tasty sugar covered balls of fried dough on top. When he returned to the table, he saw that his companion had chosen the same dishes, with the addition of steamed dumplings.

Mark picked up his fork, but found he didn’t have much of an appetite. The old man had no such problem. He ate with abandon, nearly shoveling the food into his mouth. He seemed to be too thin, and Mark wondered if he had been starving.

“So,” Mark said as he pushed his untouched food away. “Are you going to tell me why you’re here?”


  1. What a great idea to help write a book using the A to Z Challenge! God luck with everything.

  2. Loved the description in this one. Looking forward to tomorrow's.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  3. Not a good thing, when you're looking at the future you...that you've been starving.


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