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The insecurity of the month is Volume.

By volume, I mean the amount of work I put out. Or rather the amount of work I imagine putting out, compared to how much is actually getting done.

I feel like I'm failing as a writer because over the past 3 months I've written about 20,000 words in my latest novel attempt. It's not a matter of the idea being bad - in fact I'm very much enjoying playing with the idea. It's just that I'm finding less and less time to devote to the act of writing. I've gone back to school, and classwork is taking up more time than I thought possible. That, on top of  the rest of life, fills up my days, and I'm often just tired at the end of the day.

You might say: "Why don't you try waking up early to write?" To which I say: "No." I've tried it, and all it does it make my day even longer.

I know it's going to take forever to write this novel because of my process, which involves handwriting the first draft, typing it up with some basic edits along the way; then fleshing out of the story, and finally edit, edit, edit until I'm sick to death of it. Wait two months. Edit some more.

I know that's generally the process most writers go through (minus the handwriting), but since I'm not magically pounding out 50,000 words a month I must just be doing something wrong. I know I'm not doing anything wrong, but it feels like I am.


  1. Maybe take a little break?

    A fresh perspective always helps me and don't be so hung up on a word count. Go at your own pace.

    Best of luck :)

  2. http://nyti.ms/1t3yK2z - An article for you about Failure and Writers.

  3. I'd be happy to get 20k a month on my actual writing projects, right now.


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