This is Chewy:

This is Chewy:
Monsieur Chew at three months

Chewy is a 45-ish pound 5 month old Pyrenees/Lab mix. His name is not short for Chewbacca, but I don't bother correcting people who think it is. He's named after his favorite activity. He's what dog people call "mouthy." When I take him for walks, he has to pick up every piece of trash he finds, as well as snapping at low hanging branches and any tall flowers he encounters. He loves to gnaw on bones, stuffed animals, rawhides, and table legs. It seems the Pyrenees in him has manifested in nipping at the backs of people's legs. The worst part is he spends a lot of time in the house just wandering from living room to kitchen looking for stuff to grab. He especially likes boxes and empty water/pop bottles. And because he's so tall already, he can reach pretty far back on the counters. Oh, and he loves "Scooby Snacks,"  my cutesy way of saying cat poop. What I'm saying is, putting things in his mouth is his defining characteristic. Constantly tracking his movements gets really old really fast.

But dagnabbit, I would miss shouting "No!" fifty times a day if he wasn't around.


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