Checking In: First Week of School Edition

I missed Monday's post. Again. Well, here I am, letting you know I'm still alive, if anyone cares.

I have gotten a little bit of writing done. Not much, but a bit of progress on a short story I've been kicking around for a little bit. In fact, when I'm done here, I'm going to put on my headphones and bang on it some more.

I started radiography school this week, and today I alternated between this:

And this:

Then, at about 1pm this afternoon:
(note: This was only the second day of classes)

But after some study time, I'm like:

So, yeah. I've got two years of this roller coaster of emotions so succinctly told in gif form. Time to go write now.


  1. I care. Congratulations on beginning a new course of study. You've chosen a good field.



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