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Cephalopod Coffee House

Hey! I'm back with the Coffee House this month. The purpose of this blog hop is to post about the best book you've read in the past month. You can visit the other participants, starting with our host The Armchair Squid. month's selection is A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay.

The Barretts are a normal family featuring Mom and Dad, and two daughters: Marjorie, aged fourteen, and eight-year-old Meredith (Merry). The father has recently lost his job, and Marjorie begins violently acting out, and claims that her head is full of ghosts. After initial treatment for mental illness fails to show improvement, the father begins to suspect that Marjorie's illness is not physical or psychological, but rather spiritual. In an attempt to help Marjorie and the family finances, a TV crew is invited into the home to film a reality show called The Possession. As the fame from the show leaks into their lives, the Barrett family begins to fall apart. The story unfolds in flashback, related by Merry, now an adult attempting to reconcile her childhood memories with her more mature adult understanding of mental illness, and the breakdown of her family, but the question remains: is Marjorie suffering from the early stages of schizophrenia, or is she possessed by a demon?

Merry tells her story based on her own hazy memories, and repeat viewings of The Possession. For a child, a beloved older sibling who suddenly becomes withdrawn, paranoid, and begins complaining of ghosts in her head must be frightening and confusing. The only people she can trust to provide reassuring answers are her parents; but when her parents are themselves grasping at straws, it's difficult for Merry to parse out fact from fiction, even 15 years later.

A Head Full of Ghosts is creepy and unnerving on many levels. Mental illness, demonic possession, family dysfunction - it's all there. Merry is an unreliable narrator, and she admits as much. The reader is left wondering how much of her recollection is fact, fiction or wishful thinking. The writing sets a good pace, never bogging down, and  I read it in two days, staying up until 2 am to finish it, then spent another hour or so processing it before I could even think of sleeping. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I certainly enjoyed this chai.

Thanks for reading. Now's the time for you to saunter off to visit the other Coffee House participants:

Music I'm Obsessed With: Valtari

Sigur Ros is a post-rock band from Iceland who have been making music for over two decades. I have known of them for about seven years, and while I wouldn't exactly call myself a super fan, I am quite obsessed with their 2012 album Valtari.

The thing I like the most about Sigur Ros is the way many of their songs sound ephemeral and dreamlike. While most of their albums contain songs with these qualities, Valtari takes it to a new level. Despite all lyrics being in Icelandic, or Hopelandic (a jumble of nonsense sounds lead singer Jonsi Birgisson uses to fill the space of lyrics and act as another instrument) - or perhaps because of the language barrier - the emotions of the music come through more purely (to me). The vocals soar to the heavens, then sink to a whisper in your ear; the accompanying instrumentation ranges from simple, repetitive melodies to a cacophonous wall of sound. The whole effect leaves me feeling hopeful, yet sad. It's perfect writing music, until I notice it, then I can't not notice it, and nothing is getting done until it's over or I turn it off.

Here are few of my favorites from the album:


Ekki Múkk



Don't ask me how to pronounce any of those song titles, 'cause it's not happening.

Achievements/Goals: June 25th Edition

First, let's look at my Achievements for this past week:
  • Started on a new story. I know I said I wanted to start a new short story, but I got an idea that might be a bit longer, so I have been playing around with that.
  • I did continue to read, but not at a pace that I like. I went back and forth between two books, and I just didn't find either of them all that attention grabbing.
  • I checked in with Camp NaNoWriMo this week to see what cabin I was assigned to. I am also thinking about what I want work on, and how I can be successful.
So, Goals achieved.
Image result for nailed it kid

Goals for this week will be pretty much the same:
  • Continue to follow the thread of my story idea.
  • Continue to read.
  • One new blog post. A real one this time.
  • Continue to prep for Camp NaNoWriMo.
That's it for this week.


I am attempting a new feature here this week called Accomplishments/Goals. The theme is in the name so here we go.

Accomplishments for the past week:
  • Finished 2 short stories
  • Read 1 1/2 books.
  • Signed up to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo in July
Goals for this week:
  • Start a new short story
  • Continue to read
  • Plan for Camp NaNoWriMo
  • Create one new blog post
Alright. Let's do this. See ya next week.