Music I'm Obsessed With: Valtari

Sigur Ros is a post-rock band from Iceland who have been making music for over two decades. I have known of them for about seven years, and while I wouldn't exactly call myself a super fan, I am quite obsessed with their 2012 album Valtari.

The thing I like the most about Sigur Ros is the way many of their songs sound ephemeral and dreamlike. While most of their albums contain songs with these qualities, Valtari takes it to a new level. Despite all lyrics being in Icelandic, or Hopelandic (a jumble of nonsense sounds lead singer Jonsi Birgisson uses to fill the space of lyrics and act as another instrument) - or perhaps because of the language barrier - the emotions of the music come through more purely (to me). The vocals soar to the heavens, then sink to a whisper in your ear; the accompanying instrumentation ranges from simple, repetitive melodies to a cacophonous wall of sound. The whole effect leaves me feeling hopeful, yet sad. It's perfect writing music, until I notice it, then I can't not notice it, and nothing is getting done until it's over or I turn it off.

Here are few of my favorites from the album:


Ekki Múkk



Don't ask me how to pronounce any of those song titles, 'cause it's not happening.


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