About Your's Truly

My name is Jennifer Ellis and I am (sometimes) a writer.

I gravitate towards horror, science fiction, fantasy. Whenever I put paper to pen, or fingers to keyboard, something weird ends up on the page/screen. I strive to continually better myself and my writing. I write to entertain myself, and if others enjoy it, that's a bonus.

The first 10 years of my life were spent in Guam, Virginia, Sicily, and Spain as a Navy brat. The next 13 years were spent in Michigan. I joined the Army in my early twenties, spent some time in Missouri, then Washington State, and now I grudgingly call Kentucky my home. I live with my son and three indoor cats, and two outdoor cats who showed up one day and decided it was my job to feed them.

If you want to say "Hi" you can always leave a comment here, send me an email at jaelliswriting@gmail.com, or you can hit me up on Twitter. A Facebook page may be coming in the near future, but we'll see if I can stop being angry at it long enough to set one up.

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